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Lifeflo OTC with Survivor Canteen

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Call 911 and Wait 12-15 Minutes on Average?

Without Oxygen it Only Takes 3 Minutes for the Body to Start to Die
LifefloTM OTC Emergency Oxygen Can Be Used for Any Medical Emergency
Simply Add Water, Push Dosing Cap and Oxygen is Flowing
Lasts for 15-20 Min • 3 Year Shelf Life • Easy to Use
Save a Life in These Locations and more:
Carbon Monoxide Monitor
Smoke Alarm
First Aid Kit
LifefloTM OTC Emergency Oxygen


15-20 Minutes of Emergency Oxygen in a kit.  Just add water and within 60 seconds you are producing potentially lifesaving oxygen.  Kit includes everything you need to make oxygen except the water:

Mask, Oxygen Generation Bag, Insulated Carry Tote, Dosing Cap, Instructions

Included in this package is a Survivor Canteen Kit that includes:

42oz Water Filter Canteen, All weather poncho, glow stick, pen-flashilight, basic first aid kit, 5 in 1 whistle, potassium iodide capsules (2), water-wind proof matches, signal mirror, 10ft (3m) polyester rope, spork and 11 - function swiss style knife.